Category: Games
May 19, 2011
Version: 2.21
135 MB
Seller: TheCodingMonkeys
LANGUAGES: English, German
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Famous boardgame and great iOS experience.
iPhone Game of the Year, iTunes Rewind Germany.
The single best board game experience in the App Store, gamezebo
Carcassonne does just about everything right on the iPhone, ars technica
It is quite simply one of the most polished games on the platform,
There's nothing like a sneaky farmer to push you across the winning line, Edge Magazine
Beautiful and intuitive, joystiq
Carcassonne is as good as it gets, EGM
Play the original award winning board game Carcassonne with friends, family, or other board game enthusiasts - online or offline.
Build a medieval landscape, tile by tile, claim landmarks with your followers and score points. As a winner of the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award in 2001, the game allows for a plethora of play styles and strategies. If you like social gaming or board games you will love Carcassonne!

. Official Carcassonne game with original artwork
. Full Retina Display support on iPhone 4
. Universal App - Buy once, play on iPad and iPhone
. 9 different AI players: (Hans, Count, Countess, Maid, Servant, Juggler, Fortune Teller, Witch and Warlock)
. Push Notifications
. Local network play
. Unique Solitaire mode
. Online and offline ranking
. Comprehensive in-game manual
. Tutorials with voice acting
. Compete for the best score in Solitaire Game of the Week
. Chat function for Internet and local network games
. Play with Game Center friends
. Game Center Achievements

What about Expansions?
We will be making them avail­able as in-app-purchases. It takes us a while, but the wait will be worth it. Coming up first are two most requested ones: Inns and Cathedrals and The River II.
Can I play asynchronously?
Yes. In Play with Friends you can leave the app and will be notified when it's your turn again. No pressure though, unlike Quick Play there are no time limits.
Can I play against my familiy or friends by passing the device around?
Yes, of course. Up to five players can play on the same device.
What's new in Version 2.21
. Use Game Center to play against your friends
. 43 Achievements that can be unlocked
. A variety of new Leaderboards
. Share scores on Twitter and Facebook
. Invite previous opponents
. Easier account switching via Game Center
. Corrected a rare ELO scoring bug
. Improved stability
. Improved chat reliability
. Show chat time stamps
. Improved power consumption
. Sync progress overlay
. Improved stability on launch
We have made good progress laying the foundations for all expansions and getting the game to a point were it can be played in a more modular fashion to support cherry-picking rules and features of expansions in the future. The first two, that we are polishing right now, will be Inns and Cathedrals and The River II. It will still take us a few months to make them as good as we want them to be, however.
Yeah, it sure takes us a lot of time to get these things done. We're sorry for making you wait. We love the game and think it deserves the time to make it truly great, instead of doing a quick but sloppy port, like it unfortunately happens so often on other platforms and to others of our favorite board games. We want to do better. Thanks for having the patience to let us do so.
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