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    New2 بررسی آهنگ های جدید Eminem در آلبوم Relapse:Refill

    It may not mean nothing to y’all,
    understand nothing was done for me,
    so i don’t plan on stopping at all,
    I want this sh-t forever man, ever man, ever man,
    I’m shutting sh-t down at the mall,
    and telling every girl she the one for me,
    and i aint even planning to call,
    i want this sh-t forever man, ever man, ever man,
    Last name ever,
    first name greatest,
    like a sprained ankle boy ain’t nothing to play with,
    it started off local but thanks to all the haters,
    i know G4 pilots on a first name basis,
    and your city faded off to brown, Nino,
    she insists she got more class, we know!
    swimming in the money come and find me, Nemo,
    if i was at the club you know I ball, Kimo,
    drop the mixtape that sh-t sounded like an album
    who’d have thought a country wide tour would be the outcome
    labels want my name beside the X like Malcom
    everybody got a deal, I did it without one,
    yeah n-gga i’m about my business,
    killing all these rappers you would swear I had a hit list,
    everybody who doubted me is asking for forgivness,
    if you aint been a part of it at least you got to witness,
    [Kanye West]
    I used to have hood dreams,
    big fame, big chains,
    i stuck my d-ck inside this life until that b-tch came,
    I went hard all fall like the ball teams,
    just so I can make it rain all spring,
    y’all seen my story my glory,
    i had raped the game young,
    you can call it statutory,
    when a n-gga blow up they can build statures of me
    old money Benjamin Button, whaat, nuttin,
    now superbad chicks giving me macLovin,
    you would think I ran the world like Michelle’s husband,
    you would think these n-ggas would know me when they really doesn’t
    like they was down with the old me no you f-cking wasn’t,
    your’e such a f-cking loser,
    he didn’t even go to class Bueller,
    trade the Grammy plaques just to have my granny back,
    remember she had that bad hip like a fanny pack,
    chasing that stardom would turn you into a maniac,
    all the way in Hollywood and I can’t even act,
    they pull their cameras out and God damn they snap,
    I used to want this thing forever y’all can have it back,
    [Lil Wayne]
    Ok, hello its da martian,
    space jam Jordan’s,
    I want this sh-t forever wake up and smell the Garden,
    fresher than the harvest
    step up to the target,
    if i had one guess than I guess im just New Orleans,
    and I will never stop like i’m running from the cops,
    hop up in my car and told my chauffeur to the top,
    life is like a f-cking roller coaster then it drops,
    but what should I scream for this is my theme park,
    my minds shine even when my thoughts seem dark,
    pistol on my side you don’t wanna hear that thing talk,
    let the king talk check the price and pay attention,
    Lil Wayne thats what they got to say or mention,
    Im like Nevada in the middle of the summer,
    i’m resting in the lead I need a pillow and a cover,
    shhh, my foots sleeping on the gas,
    no brake pads no such thing as last,
    [Eminem] *corrected
    There they go, back in stadiums as Shady spits his flow
    Nuts they go, macadamia they go so ballistic, whoa
    We can make them look like Boso’s
    He’s wondering if he should spit this slow
    F-ck no! Go for broke
    His cup just runneth over, oh no
    He ain’t had a real buzz like this since the last time that he overdosed
    They’ve been waiting patiently for Pinocchio to poke his nose
    Back into the game and they know
    Rap will never be the same as before
    Bashing in the brains of these hoes
    And establishing a name as he goes
    The passion and the flame is ignited
    You can’t put it out once we light it
    This sh-t is exactly what the **** that I’m talking about when we riot
    You dealin’ with a few true villains
    Whose stand inside of the booth truth spillin’
    And spit true feelings, until our tooth fillings come flying up out of our mouths
    Now rewind it!
    Payback muthafucka for the way that you got at me, so how’s it taste?
    When I slap the taste out your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place
    I’m Hannibal Lecter son just in case you’re thinking of saving face
    You ain’t gonna have no face to save by the time I’m through with this place
    So Drake…
    خب این آهنگ متن فیلم بسیار زیبایه It's More Than A Game با بازی لبران جیمز است.
    کلا اینجور آهنگ ها مدل شاخ بازی و گنگ رو دارند.
    در کورس دریک میگه: شاید برای شما هیچ معنی نده اما هیچ کس برای من کاری انجام نداد. من خودم میام مغازه تون رو می بندم( کرکره اتون رو می کشم پایین) به همه دخترام میگم که فقط او واسه منه.
    در ورس اول که باز هم دریک است عوامل قدرت و شاخ بازی به شدت در متن دیده میشه. برای مثال میگه که :Drop The Mixtape That Sh-T Sounded Like an album.
    یعنی اینکه یک میکس تیپ دادم از بیشتر آلبوم ها سرتر بود.
    ورس دوم بدترین ورس آهنگ یعنی مربوط که کانیه وست است. این ورس طولانی ترین ورس است. کانیه در این ورس بیشتر بر روی گذشته تمرکز می کنه و میگه که زیاد به مردم ربط نداره من چی میگم یا می خونم.
    ورس سوم بهترین ورس این آهنگ است که برای لیل وین است. ویزی در این ورس بر روی خوش گذرونی و بیخیالی دنیا تمرکز کرده و میگه:
    shhh, my foots sleeping on the gas,
    no brake pads no such thing as last,
    یعنی اینکه تخته گاز تا آخر دنیاشم که باشه میریم ترمز چیه :D
    ورس آخر امینم هستش که تو یک رتبه با وین قرار داره. این ورس یکی از بهترین کارهای سال 2009 هستش برای همین گذاشت توی این البوم ریفیل. تو این ورس او روی بازگشتش توجه کرده و میگه که من با قدرت بیشتری برگشتم و هیشکی جلو دارم نیست.

    Hell Breaks Loose

    Eminem [Verse 1]:
    I want you to understand something
    That when I come up in this bitch, I want them fans jumpin
    I want them fists pumpin in the air, I don't look like a millionaire
    But I feel like a million bucks, Ladies won't you fill your cups?
    Shady's come to fill you up, if you a D or a C-cup
    You can even be a B, it's just me and D-R-E
    You'll be in the E-R, we are strapped with so much T-N-T
    We may blow, no, not even C-P-R from the EMT
    Can help you to resuscitate, You bustas must be flustered, wait
    You can't cut the mustard, What's your problem, can't you bust a grape?
    (*chk chk*) What's my name? Shady came to crush the game
    Instantly, not even fair to them cause they pale in comparisons
    So much they might as well wear a skin, don't you wish you could just share his pen?
    Cause this shit is getting embarrassing, the fog is thick and the air is thin
    Cause he won't even let them try to breathe, Dadidadidadadi
    He makes it look so easy, Girl you just hit the lottery
    Eminem [Chorus]:
    Now this would be the part of the song
    Where they drop the meter and hell breaks loose
    Try to restrain us, you can't contain us
    We still gonna make it stick no matter what we do
    Everywhere we go, it seems we looking
    For any excuse to just cut loose
    So this would be the part of the song
    Where they drop the meter and hell breaks loose
    Dr. Dre (Eminem) [Verse 2]:
    This is when shit hits the fan like it just flat out don't stand
    This is the only moment that matters, your homie rolling with Mathers
    Then chaos erupts, Em's in back, Dre's in the front
    So do what we say and once it's over like a suance, it hums
    (It makes them stay in a trance, No choice, they have to dance)
    It's like the playoffs, just making sure that we stay in the hunt
    Take a day off or what? Man, you better lay off the blunts
    You must be smokin' something, think I ain't smokin' nothin, stay off my nuts
    Now hit the floor, baby, time to wipe away all the rust
    Shake all them cobwebs loose, loosen up with a little bit of Grey Goose
    Yeah, girl, shake that caboose, I don't wanna see you try to make no excuse
    D-R-E is on the loose, I'm like a goose when it comes to the Chronic use
    You know I can't stand to lose, Me and my goons are like animals
    Wake up like a pack of wolves and we came here to extract the roof
    Yeah, man, ain't that the truth? Girl, your mans is like in the booth
    Definitely back up in this bitch, You swing? All hell breaks loose
    Now this would be the part of the song
    Where they drop the meter and hell breaks loose
    Try to restrain us, you can't contain us
    We still gonna make it stick no matter what we do
    Everywhere we go, it seems we looking
    For any excuse to just cut loose
    So this would be the part of the song
    Where they drop the meter and hell breaks loose
    Eminem (Dr. Dre) [Verse 3]:
    Now I know your feeling discouraged but homie just mark my words
    I'm murdering the flow, Liquid courage I'm fitting to blow
    As soon as we hit the door, power surges have to tow
    I'm sure to push it as far as words are meant to go
    We're in the indigo Winnebago with tinted windows
    Ferocious as we proceed to beat up the block with your hoe
    With speakers knocking, it's 3 o'clock, me and Doc
    Can proceed to drop me and hop out the vehicle and knock on your door
    Yeah, So let us in before we huff and puff and we blow
    We ain't bluffing for nothing, we'll knock the stuffing out your
    Yeah, move it or lose it, freak, move to the beat
    Lose yourself indubitably
    Pass on that little cute chick right over there, That'd be pretty damn stupid to me
    Born and raised in the CPT, yeah, I'm saying ?? in the streets
    Them haters hating on me but I refuse to lose any sleep
    Keep that deuce deuce in the seat, Dre fall off? That's news to me
    Now this would be the part of the song
    Where they drop the meter and hell breaks loose
    Try to restrain us, you can't contain us
    We still gonna make it stick no matter what we do
    Everywhere we go, it seems we looking
    For any excuse to just cut loose
    So this would be the part of the song
    Where they drop the meter and hell breaks loose
    این آهنگ قدرت شیدی و دکتر دره رو نشون میده.
    قایفه ها جدا زیباست و کار دکتر دره هم این آهنگ رو صدچندان زیبا کرده.
    مفوم اصلی این آهنگ کلا بر روی طرفداران شیدی هستش مخصوصا بانوان.
    کورس این آهنگ میگه که وقتی ما میایم همه جا به هم میریزه و همه از خود بی خود می شوند. تو هر کاری کنی نمی تونی مارو محدود کنی. هرکاری ما می کنیم می چسبه و دیگه کنده نمی شه. ما هرجا میریم فقط می خوایم نظم رو به هم بریزیم (طرفدارا خوشحال می شوند و دیوانه بازی می کنند. )
    آهنگ بسیار زیبایی است. من نمی تونم واسه دانلود بزارم چون خودم آلبوم ریلیپس ریفیل رو خریدم اما اگه بتونید دانلود کنید یکی از بهترین EP های سال رو در دست دارید.

    Buffalo Bill
    [Verse 1]
    Better watch out sucker now I got ya where I want ya,
    onslaught, coming and Im packing in my lunch up,
    bunch a missile launcher and a bunch a contra,
    van van full of ganja, now come on jump,
    man stop marchin marshall on my gotcha,
    doin’ the cha cha and the kucharcha with a quadri-plegic,
    boogieing down to Frank Sinatra,
    Lyndsay to the Lohan naked while you let me watch ya,
    who da knew the puda do ta me whats its done,
    such cynicism when this isn’t in my system,
    blunt hypnotism, lift the spliff up to my lip son,
    so much on my hands, i got to give my kids a fist pump,
    Chris-to-pher Reeves swimming in my swim trunks,
    Mister, “help me” whats he said to me and then sunk,
    women skinning them and cutting them up in chunks,
    in comes the woman with cocoa butter skin ones,
    Once again they call me Buffalo Bill,
    Buffalo Bill, Buffa-buffalo bill,
    skin em up, hym em,
    sew em up in those kilts, up in those kilts,
    upa upa up in those kilts,
    man you don’t want to go up in those hills,
    up in those hills, uppa up in those hills
    You better beware, stay clear of buffalo bill, buffalo bill,
    buffa-buffalo bill,
    [Verse 2]
    Always, you can see em lurking in the hallways,
    carcasues of caucasion females in his draw space,
    how the hell did he fit em all in such a small space,
    hide em in the wall but how long will the dry wall take,
    well f-ck it then, I got nothing but time, I’ll wait,
    until its dries for the moment i guess your all safe,
    after I sand it and buff it I guess that I’ll paint,
    my chainsaw’s outta gas my regular saw aint,
    now here I come again, damn stomach rumbling,
    you can even hear the evil spirits coming from within,
    someones in, the back of my damn house rummaging,
    its a girl, she looks pretty thin but I want to skin,
    been on the hunt again, when will it ever end,
    Evelyn why you trying to fight you will never win,
    severing legs, arms, damn there goes another limb,
    pull the lever then trap door, death is evident
    [Verse 3]
    Now what you know about Buffalo Bill,
    nothing so chill,
    f-cking hoe, you better f-cking hold still,
    make sure none of that lotion in that bucket don’t spill,
    cut em gut em and just keep stuffing those girls,
    man I think she had enough of those pills,
    sedate her, then I wait her come back later just to clutch on those steel blades
    braids, baby when I cut ya dont squeal
    I hate the loud noises I f-cking told you,
    I keep hearing voices like
    wouldn’t you like to go and get ya put ya knife
    and push it right through it while ya put ya shishkebab skewer
    into a barbecue or would ya do to her what you usually do to a girl who’s skins newer,
    In a World of Sin doer this is turning into a torment tournament of sorts,
    Christmas Ornament you are,
    [Eminem continued]
    I”ll be sure to Gensu ya til there’s no more skin to ya,
    boo ya who ya think you f-cking with,
    duck because here he comes again,
    این آهنگ از تاریک ترین آهنگ های البوم ریفیل است. در این آهنگ اسلیم درمورد قتل و ... می خونه.
    بافولو بیل نام یک آهنگ زیبایی کانتری است. امینم به مسخره کردن آهنگ های دیگران معروف است و این هم یکی از اون موردهاست. اول آهنگ صدای جیغ یک دختر می آید و صدای یک ماشین به نظر می رسه که طرف داره دختره رو وارد یک دستگاه می کنه تا قطعه قطعه کنه.
    این آهنگ در مورد قتل و نیمه تاریک امینم است. امینم همیشه از این آهنگ ها در آلبومش داشته. این آهنگ قسمت هایی در مورد ***** نیز داره.
    بعضی صحبت هاش شاید برای بعضی ها قابل مهفوم نباشه. عیب نداره امینم بعضی اوقات شر میگه :D
    البته این آهنگ ارزش گوش دادن رو داره.

    {Elevator door opens & talks}
    All aboard!
    Next stop... my basement! {shot}
    Hahaa! [4 shots]
    I'll meet you there, dear!
    There once was a saying that I used to say
    Back in the day when I met Dre
    I used to sit and goof on the phone with my friend proof
    That if I went gold, I'd go right through the roof
    He said what if you went platinum, I'd just laugh at him
    That's not happening, that I can't fathom
    Eighty something million records worldwide later,
    I'm living in a house with a f-cking elevator
    [Verse 1:]
    Haters getting mad, they done had enough of shady
    You slay me, nothing you say matters enough to touche me,
    Rappers try to play me, they use Hailie as a ukulele
    Woopsa a f-cking daisy
    That's a no no who even she knows dada's f-cking crazy
    Fucking animal, cookoo, bananas, fucking AP
    Maybe it's because I never had a mother raise me
    F-ck around and throw a baby at another baby
    You may think it's cause of the way that I was brought up
    But it's all caught up to me now, Karma's in the waters
    Every line I ever said has got me in a corner
    You might think it doesn't creep upon ya, but it all does
    You wouldn't listen man, I tried to warn ya when you started
    Now your brains all haunted cause of all the sh-t you thought of
    Chainsaw slaughters turn your daughters into sawdust
    I never thought it'd come to this, I outta just be honest but
    [Repeat Chorus:]
    [Verse 2:]
    Sorry Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it
    They get so mad, when I call them both fake - its,
    all these f-cking voices in my head, I can't take it
    Someone shut that f-cking baby up, ‘for I shake it
    [ Eminem Lyrics are found on www.songlyrics.com ] 
    You're standing adjacent to Jason slash Leatherface and -
    Together makes ‘em, a f-cking bad combination
    I lashed at the doctor in my last operation
    Shoved the weiner snitzel up his ass, hopped away some-
    body please stop the patient, get the cops to mase him
    Homie, I'm the shiesse, ask Dr. Dre son
    lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
    I can't leave the game, I just can't walk away son
    No not-a now, not a chance, not today son
    I can't believe I leave for one brief second
    You p-ssy queef all over the rap game, naked
    And use a leaf to wipe up the crap stains, feck it
    I just keep saying the same exact saying, check it
    [Repeat Chorus:]
    [Verse 3:]
    Elevator in my house, I'll smell ya later
    I blew the **** up, a hamster in a microwave-I
    Think about an escalator now, steps, I hate ‘em
    Told the neighbor step away, then I just pepper sprayed ‘em
    Yeah, for every time you ride down the street
    Or hideout, drive by my house and beep
    Like now motherf-cker, try now to sleep
    Lie down f-cker (baaaa!) try countin' sheep
    And you're tryna find out, why now there's beef?
    Mase in your face bitch, cry now p-ssy
    This is my house, all nine thousand feet
    So you can suck my dick with Amy Winehouse's teeth
    Then I shove ‘em in the elevator, take ‘em to the top
    Stand above em,just to cut the f-cking cable, let ‘em drop
    Walk an hour to the damn f-cking refrigerator, get a pop
    While I let ‘em fall all the way to the basement yelling stop!
    [Repeat Chorus:]
    Fucking son of a bitch, I can't believe this shit
    This must be all that there is, this must be it
    Fuckin' a even got a beday
    Wash my ass after I shit with gold toilet paper
    Dishwasher's so big, when I'm pissed off
    I can just toss a flying saucer in it
    This shit's awesome, yeah, fucking elevator
    Living in a house with a fucking elevator
    خب این آهنگ درمورد خونه زندگی شیدی است. اسم آسانسور هم برای آهنگ انتخاب کرده یعنی من فکر نمی کردم تو یه خونه بزرگی زندگی کنم که آسانسور داشته باشه.
    این آهنگ خیلی مثل آهنگ بافولو بیل زننده و خشن نیست. اما آهنگیم نیست که همه جا بشه گوش کرد.
    کورس این آهنگ از زیبا ترین کورس هایی است که تاحالا تو آهنگ هاش استفاده کرده و از صدای معمولی خودش هم استفاده شده.
    در این آهنگ عناصر جنون هم دیده میشه. برای مثال اول آهنگ شیدی طناب آسانسور رو می بره و همه توی آسانسور به پایین می افتند یا در اول ورس سوم میگه که موش من تو مایکرو ویو هستش.
    اما در کل این آهنگ بسیار زیبایه و گوش دادنش رو به همه توصیه می کنم. بیت این آهنگ 20 کار شده و کلا نمای جالبی از زندگی شیدی است.

    Taking Back My Ball
    e a chance, I can put you in a trance the way I dance .
    But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm taking my ball and going home (home).
    [Verse 1]
    Im that guy man, shove a dime up in my hind end,
    And crush it with my b-u-t--t muscles as I cut vocals,
    S.l..u.t poke holes in your shirt jump in mud puddles,
    While I stomp mud holes in your ass girl lets cuddle,
    Blood curdling on your girdle whatll,
    I do for my next trick Im feeling wonderful,
    I think I might just do something a little less subtle,
    Shove a f.uc.k.in.g Tonka truck up a little kids butt hole,
    Feel the wrath of a psychopath slash Ambassador,
    Of the Valentines Day massacre slash assassin,
    I slash her in as..s with an icicle and leave her in a blood bath while I,
    Put a catheter in and jump in the bath with her,
    In my Spider-Man mask just imagine,
    The fun I can have with a strap on,
    Stick up a Kim Kardashians a.s.s,
    And make the b.i.t.c...h run a triathlon,
    Are those pistachios? Damn id like to have some,
    Laying on the patio man rolling a fat one,
    Shady drop the magic marker put the cap on,
    Goddamn man are you that much of an a.s.sh...o.l..e.
    It feels so wrong, does it feel so right? But its alright, it's okay with me.
    I'll do my steps all by myself, I don't need nobody to play with me,
    But if you just give me a chance, I can put you in a trance the way I dance .
    But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm taking my ball and going home (home).
    [Verse 2]
    I'm like Houdini,
    Tuck my teeny, eenie, weenie between each,
    One of my thighs and make it disappear like Houdini.
    Make this s.hi..t. disappear like Tara Ried in a b.i.k.i.n.i,
    Believe me homie you don't know the meaning of a meanie.
    They call me the fruit loop from Jupiter,
    I'm tryna maneuver the hoover up in your poop shoot, don't move or ya,
    Might get it stuck up so f.u.c.k.in' far up in your uvula,
    You ain't gonna know what he was tryna do to your gloutius.
    Totally tubular, sniffin' glue through a tube in the studio,
    Now who do ya think is more fruitier?
    Weenier's smothered in peanut butter,
    Pudding on the tube of your eye shadow,
    And that'd look nice, you shoulda seen it mother.
    I think I put a piece of art on my Visa card,
    Then I'll go beat Mischa Barton with some pleasing art?(i have no fucking idea)
    And mosy on over to Rosie O'Donnell's, with McDonald's,
    Jump in her lap and watch the Sopranos.
    It feels so wrong, does it feel so right? But its alright, it's okay with me.
    I'll do my steps all by myself, I don't need nobody to play with me,
    But if you just give me a chance, I can put you in a trance the way I dance .
    But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm taking my ball and going home (home).
    [Verse 3]
    Shady what're ya doin' chewin' on a human?
    Grab an aluminum bat and hide a clue in the back room,
    And assumin' the fact that that dude's in the back room,
    Usin' the bathroom, vacuumin' a raccoon,
    Skewin' a rat, a cat, screwin' a baboon.
    You shouldn't ask, "What is he doin' with that broom?".
    You should be glad he ain't leave you full of stab wounds,
    You in a trance, I'm back doing my dance, ooh.
    But they're afraid I might get Sarah Palin,
    By the hair and make her wear a bathin' suit and take her parasailin'.
    Shady why do you gotta pick on the lady for,
    Why you make her read 84 bed time stories to you and baby-tard?
    'Cause I'm scared, there's monsters under my bed,
    Kelly Pickler hid my juicebox under my bassinet,
    No wonder my a.s.s is wet, my diaper needs to be changed,
    Do you like graffiti dike? Well I can pee-pee and write your name.
    It feels so wrong, does it feel so right? But its alright, it's okay with me.
    I'll do my steps all by myself, I don't need nobody to play with me,
    But if you just give me a chance, I can put you in a trance the way I dance .
    But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm taking my ball and going home (home).
    Fine...Nobody wants to play with me? F.u.ck you then...B..it..ch...Guys are always mean to me anyways...All they do is rub gum in my hair and stuff...You guys are going to make me sad...Im crying..Im gunna tell my mom...MOMMMMMMMM...
    این آهنگ بسیار جالب و فان است. امینم می خونه که من رو بازی راه نمی دهند. ورس های بسیار زیبا کار شدند و کورسش نیز بی نظیره.
    پیام اصلی این آهنگ تفاوت امینم با دیگر خواننده هاست و اینکه توی بازی راهش نمی دن.
    تو این آهنگ به افراد مشهوری مانند کیم کاردشیان هم توهین می کنه.
    این آهنگ ازا ون آهنگ هایی هستش حتمی باید گوش بدین...

    Music Box
    Yo, yeah girl,
    Can you hear that? It’s playing our song..
    Are you sleepy? Take a nap..
    You’re not afraid of the dark? Are you.?
    [Verse One]
    You hear the beat as it makes ya not wanna go to sleep
    I knock on Dakota’s door, its locked so I go to creep
    round the back, with binoculars, not cause I wanna peep
    But because I’m hungry she smells like tacos I wanna eat
    Visions of hot chocolatey marshmallows all so sweet
    With sugar plums, oh look here comes Marshall he’s on your street
    He’s placing hot smoldering charcoals beneath your feet
    Now walk on ‘em, he’s dancing with carcasses cheek to cheek
    Like a Thanksgiving turkey, or holiday ham
    Cinnamon sprinkled on toast, strawberry marmalade jam
    Flavor my favorite graham crackers with JonBenet Ramsey
    I guess a modern day Jack the Ripper is all that I am
    (My music box)
    Cos when the lights are off, I see the girls asleep (My music box)
    But I can hear you my love, you keep calling me (My music box)
    And when we’re Worlds apart, you mean the World to me (My music box)
    If you call, I’ll come, I will answer (My music box)
    Cos when the lights are off, I see the girls asleep (My music box)
    I hear my music box, playing a song for me (My music box)
    So when she twirls around do a whirl for me (My music box)
    Won’t you be my private little dancer (My music box)
    [Verse Two]
    I almost look comatose, who wants to be sober gross
    I foam like a Doberman, mouth open I overdose
    Put coke up my nostrils, in both my holes and I plug my nose
    My pupils quadruple in size, eyes are so bugged I know
    I put on my mother’s make up, get naked and run around
    Wavin’ the gun around, I think I’m down to a hundred pounds
    There’s thunder, I wonder how come it rains but the sun is out
    The devils upset with his wife, they must be sluggin’ it out
    I must be buggin’ the f-ck out, but what the f-ck about?
    Voices are leading me up to the attic, I love my house
    They pull and they tug my blouse, the sound of a music box
    Comes from inside a toy chest, but what do I do, it’s locked
    I pick it and open it but it’s stuffed full of human parts
    I dig till I find it, I wind it up and the tune just starts
    Its playing a song, so beautiful and the room is dark
    The moon is full, I smell a funeral, guess I’ll loom in the park
    [Verse Three]
    I’m fixated on asphyxiating and breakin’ this little chick’s
    Neck like a pixie stick
    The sick Satan worshippin’, bitches get horse-whippins,
    I’m in the back, through the back door, slip in
    Through the crack leavin’ the corpse drippin’
    The mortician of love, sent from above,
    forced and treat em all dingy(?)
    (?)stingy I’ve become
    Been doin’ this for more than a quarter century, I’m just numb
    Am I dreamin’, is it real? Someone pinch me on the buns
    The time has come to tie her up, gotta roll me the ladder
    I’d had enough of the chatter, climb up to the window, look at her
    then climb in and slowly shatter her brain matter and batter her
    with the bat, a matter of fact that will splatter her
    But before I do that, I’ll have a chat to flatter her
    Give her two compliments, back-to-back, like Tabatha
    I’m your secret admirer, I’m back to ravish ya
    lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
    So strong is your fight, but your no match for Dracula
    Prolonging her plight, as I go back to stabbin’ her
    Dismember her limbs, simple as that, cadaver her
    Zoom in with the lens, then pan back, the camera
    Stand back, cuz here comes your man Jack, so Pamela
    اینم آهنگ زیبای میوزیک باکس از امینم.
    آهنگ درمورد خانواده و زندگی امینم است. اشاراتی به هیلی شده. امینم در همه آلبوم هاش یک آهنگ در مورد خوانواده داره.
    آهنگ اشاراتی به قتل و اینها داره.
    نکته جالب اینه که امینم به سمت دیوانگی داره میره. آهنگ هایی که می خونه تOم دیوانگی بسیار عالی دارند که خیلی قشنگ کار شده روشون.
    بزودی آهنگ Drop The Bomb رو می زارم
    ویرایش توسط ShaDy-WeeZy : 7th February 2010 در ساعت 03:50
    #1 ارسال شده در تاريخ 7th February 2010 در ساعت 03:47

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